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Baguio was a "small resort" 45 years ago when I was here in the Navy, it is now 1Million plus people. Much more than we expected.
Baguio is a city set on top of a mountain which is much cooler than the sourrounding country, this first pic is of some of the surrounding
housing. The below pic is the "Camp David" of the
Phillipines, the presidential retreat or summer residence.
Then Shauna touring the Botanical Gardens in Baguio.

Our tour group in front of a Sister City to San Francisco monument a Miniture of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Presdient Fabrose our Tour Guide and Sister Cadiz a local
Baguio member who did a local tour for us of Baguio.

These are the apartments we stayed in in Baguio. We
Do NOT recommend them.

Building houses on a hill side is a little bit of a challenge. You

are either building up or down with the road. The road getting into and around Baguio was on many occasions about a 15% grade or more. It took just about all of the energy the van president Fabrose had.

This is the town of Erdaneta, the site of a new future Temple that was announced
in last October Conference. This town is on the "flats" not even a hill to build on. The surrounding area is almost all rice paddies, which means there is a lot of sub water so the site will have it's challenges.

This wash "was" the site of a small village prior to the 1996 eruption of Mt. Pinatuba in the Phillipines. Clark US Airforce Base was partially enguled in the ash and such and the US turned the site over to the Phillipines and is now an international airport,very small and mainly local travel.

Under the shroud of clouds to the left is the culprit of the ash and devisation, Mt Pinnatuba.

Tri-cycles are everywhere here in this country as well as the Pedi-Cabs noted below.

Ahh! The infamous Grande Island on the right,the little island on the left is a part of Grande Island on low tide. The pier photo below is the peir my ship was docked at when I swam over to Grande Island. The US Navy base here was given back to the Philippine governtment back in the 1990s and the attached civilian community known as Olongopo is now a thriving city of close to a million people, here again when I was here in the Navy is was a Military brothal community of bars and the like. Very little signs of the US Navy influance here, in fact it is the home of the Olonogopo Mission Office of the church. This restaurant and a hotel are now built on the pier we docked up to but you can still see the tale tale signs of the navy there.
Our Tour group having lunch.

Just barely visable on the leading edge on the right side of the building below is the tale tale signs of Grande Island. The mountains behind were very lush with jungle when I was here before. Don't know the cause of the barren hills tho.

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