Sunday, November 7, 2010

Some of the kids that came for the month to be baptized for the Dead. The couple, mentioned below, was sealed the next day as an eternal family.

November is here! ! WOW has the time flown by. In less than a year we will be on our way home or at home.
Everywhere we go we get to hear Christmas Carols, in fact since the end of September we have hear Christmas Carols. The Cebu Mission President ‘s house has been festively decked out for Christmas since the end of September as well as the mission home. The manger scene has been out in front of the temple for over a month. The stores have been selling Christmas stuff for ages. They say, here, that any month ending in “ber” is Christmas Month.

Work has been going strong at the temple. The month of October has had a lot of Filipino holidays so the schools are close and this just means the local kids and those from far off want to come to the temple for baptisms. Last Friday night we started baptisms at 1:30 PM and finished up at little after 9:30 PM NON STOP. We had taken some soup for something to each to eat but brought it back to the apartment and had the neighbors over and ate it here. The rest of the Temple staff has been just as busy.

It was a beautiful time tho, especially when we had a brother come in for his own endowments in the morning on Friday, then in the afternoon he joined the youth and was baptized, himself, for 12 of his ancesters. We found out that his two daughters, ages 21 & 14 were doing his female ancesters. So we asked him if he would like to baptize his daughters for them and confirm them. He just beamed and was so excited to think that he could do all of that. He continued to stay and help until about 9:30 PM. I don’t think his fee touched the floor all evening and he was just beaming all of that time.

Knut is back in town today, 11/8/10, he is the contractor of the temple, remember is sent a couple of notes previously about him. We haven’t had hot water in the apartment for the past two weeks, amazingly we had hot water yesterday and today. Out apartment is now fumigated and we can move back in. Living at the Marriott wasn’t all that grand. I suspect some of our other problems will miraculously disappear now that Knut is back in town. The warm water alone is worth whatever it cost to fly him here from New Zealand.

We have our own COSTCO! ! Well COSTCO like anyway, they sell a lot of “Kirkland” products and a lot of “Members Choice” of Sam’s club fame. WOW, take a look at us. We have been there and spent almost P6000, well over $100, on our first trip. We brought it home in just a few bags-they bag it for you. It caters to the American in everyone. It is so wonderful to be able to find what it is that you have a need for. We found a substitute for Mr. Clean Magic cleaner sponge, Almond Roca. The prices are really not to bad either. However we did find 3 big packages of Q-Tips for $20.00.

Well so much for this weeks update. Our love to all and we miss you all a bunch. Wallace and Shauna .

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