Sunday, September 12, 2010

A mid day walk today produced some very interesting results. Shauna and two of the other sister missionaries took a big adventure and headed to the mall all by themselves. So I thought I would run to JY Mall, just 2 blocks away and pick up a few items that we might need before shopping day on Monday. I left the apartment at 4:21 and returned at 4:45. So you can figure I was only gone for 24 minutes. That includes the walking time to and from. I looked around a little and ended up buying some milk, peanut butter, jam and some butter. The butter was in a plastic tub, like there at home. By the time I got home the butter was sloshing around in the tub and leaked out a little on some of the other stuff. Today’s feels like temp at this time is 119F degrees. Enjoy your 59-75F degree temps, it could be worse. All in all it was a very nice walk, can you imagine ME saying that. Have a great day, we love all of you.

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