Sunday, September 12, 2010

As promised, the yard care episode. Makes you appreciate what you have at home, the pictures attached to this will say a thousand words. The people involved in working outside are all dressed like this, a “feels like” temp of 115 and they have long sleeved tops on with another T-shirt pulled over their head with just their face exposed, through the neck, and some only the eyes show.
My analytical assumptions are: 1) They have so much perspiration running down their face and into their eyes that this absorbs that moisture; 2) The air is so hot, that by breathing in through the shirt you are pulling air through the perspiration packed shirt making the sweat cool and making it cooler to breath, thus cooling you off; 3) There seems to be a national obsession with having “white” skin. 90% of all lotion here contains some kind of “whitening” agent to remove the beautiful brown pigment from their skin. You can see the cosmetics world getting richer and richer by their promotions to have white skin. ½ a world away they are promoting sun tanning booths, salons, oils and the like to give you that beautiful brown skin that is so being told in the Philippines that is so ugly and they need to be white. If you don’t let the sun tan your skin you are much whiter than anyone who does, so you are that much more beautiful cover all exposed skin. What a crock! OR 4) any combination of the above.

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