Sunday, August 1, 2010

The tour – 7/26 Monday - Today is the first day we have been able to get out and see some historical sites. I may have mentioned previously that when we were coming to Cebu that we, the Ashers-Wards and us had a layover in Hong Kong of about 10 hours or forever. About 6 hours to long to sit in an airport but not long enough to leave and see/do anything in Hong Kong. Well we were sitting in one of the many food court areas being bored to tears with our Missionary tags on and two Filipino women came up and introduced themselves to us. They were Flora and Gladys, both members of the church. Flora was born and raised in Cebu and married a Dutch Merchant and then moved to Holland. Gladys is her niece, living in Cebu and had gone to visit her aunt in Holland and to accompany her back to the Philippines. Flora has some financial holdings still in the Philippines, we have come to find out, some of which are quite substantial. Anyway they sat and visited us for several hours and we formed a good bond of friendship. Come to find out Flora was returning to Cebu so she could be at the Temple opening, and Gladys’ husband is a Bishop in Cebu and she has 7 children. Gladys teaches Seminary and runs a day care center out of her home in the mornings for disadvantage children in that she teaches them English and how to read and write, and then manages “The Foundation” that Flora owns. “The Foundation” is like a shelter home for women and children mainly where they teach these ladies life skills, reading writing, money management, and then teaches them some skills that they could support them and their children with such as sewing and cooking. Gladys teaches the children. A very philanthropic like Foundation. Flora mainly supports this, which is operated by her 3 brothers and their families. ANYWAY you are wondering what this has to do with The Tour. Well Flora has been to the Temple almost every day and has seen the Temple Missionaries every day when she comes and asked us what we have seen since being in Cebu. We confessed the Malls and Grocery store plus a few restaurants around the Malls. She thought we really needed to get our more so offered to take us on a tour of Cebu on our “P” Day which we all jumped at, 5 couples of us any way. Flora shows up in an Air Conditioned Jeepny to take us on this tour. We went to Mandue (pronounced Mandou), an island 3 islands away over bridges. Where Ferdinand Magellan met his waterloo, some of Magellan’s men escaped and finished his sailing around the world in his name in 1521. Then we went through Mantac & Lapu Lapu Islands and back to Cebu to Flora’s foundation for lunch. After lunch she took us on a tour of her Foundation and then we went to the Philippines oldest street, dating back to 1400 with the oldest structure in the Philippines, the Yap SanDiego home, on that street. Then to Fort San Pedro and then to Magellan’s Cross, all located in downtown Cebu. Around Fort San Pedro is “Liberty Square” which we also toured. We left around 10:00 am and returned around 5:00 PM. Still needing to go grocery shopping and dinner, we took off and went shopping returning around 10:00 PM.

The KID - Last Sunday was just about like all of the other Sundays except when we arrived there was a group of young kids around the entrance of the church, when we entered they all wanted to shake our hands and touch the back of our hands to their foreheads (a sign of respect). We went in and sat down ready for church and one of these kids came and sat about 3 feet from us all by himself. I reached over and pulled him closer and smiled at him. He just leaned in and nestled closer with my arm around him. Church hadn’t started yet so I asked him his name and he told me (I’ve forgotten already) and then asked him how old he was. Looking like he was 8-9 years old and was totally shocked to find out he was 14 years old. He stayed close to me through most of church. It was announced that his mother had just joined the church during the past week. So I am assuming that he is not yet a member. He had on a bright blue T-shirt and Levi type shorts. This Sunday 8/1 just after church started my little friend came in, a different blue T-shirt “Blue Rebels” and sat down beside us during most of the meeting. This time he brought a friend (wearing a pink T-shirt and jean shorts) and the friend snuggled right in next to me. What joy this is realizing these boys are the same age as some of our grandsons, and I sure enjoyed snuggling these little substitute grandkids.



  1. Great pictures! It is fun to see and read about some of the adventures you guys are having. I have your blog in my google reader so that I can check in when you update. We are keeping a close eye on your house, but there has been no need since you have a steady stream of grandkids running around and people coming and going! You might ask whoever is checking in next to double check your sprinkler...the side by Olive's house is looking a little dry in the July heat! :)

    Alli and Kyle Hicken

  2. Nice work! If you makes you feel any better our kids snuggle up to other old people as well. Maybe it's just that grandfatherly look!