Thursday, August 19, 2010

See these red flowers above, they are high atop the trees below. During WWII the Japanese bombed this city heavily. The temple lot is lined on the north with a lot of these type of trees. It has been recorded that this whole area was pretty heavily tree'd with these trees. They call them "Flame Trees". Now back to WWII and the Japanese bombings. This hill is one of the more prominant hills of the city but received only very light bombings in fact no one recorded the area receiving much bombing dispite its prominance. The reason is that looking down from the sky these trees "a flame" with fire discouraged them from wasting their bombs since it was already on fire. WE know that some of the area was bombed because when excavating they found 3 unexploded bombs of Japanese make. So WE know the Lord protected this hill for his temple.

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