Wednesday, July 21, 2010

7/24 HAPPY PIONEER DAY coming up - We, feel in some ways like pioneers for some things. As you know, if you haven’t picked up on my notations, the Filipino people are rather small people 5’-5’2” is about the average height. As you also know, I am not noted for being very tall but feel like a giant compared to some of these brethren. Well every morning we, the Temple Missionaries, go through this high hurtle exercise as we get into and out of the tub for our showers. The tub hits me, as tall as I am, just over mid thigh. We have 2 couples of the 10 Temple Missionary couples who are Filipino and one of these brethren and both of the wives could walk under my arm when extended straight out. I haven’t asked, because it is more picuturisque to imagine these two couples getting into and out of the tub. I wonder if they really have to pole vault into and out of the tub or do they have step stools both in and out. Someone should call the National Inquirer for the details. What is even more interesting is that they say these are Japanese tubs, here again most of them are not noted for their height either. Oh well inquiring minds will have to wait until further investigation takes place.

Pier One Imports - a very popular shopping store back home for purchasing items for your home and to hang on your walls. A few weeks ago we went to a Art Exhibitation Open House and on the way there we seen a sign in a business' Pier One Imports. The girls were so excited and just couldn’t wait to get back there to shop. FNALLY last Monday we, the Ashers and the Cummings, decided to venture out and shop at Pier One Imports. We hailed down a Taxi and told him where we wanted to go and expected to tell him how to get there, but he says, “Oh Yes no Problem” and drove right up to the walk leading to the door. We all get out, full of gaiety as we start walking up to the door and “shop until we drop”. The taxi drove off before we noticed the rest of the sign, “Pier One Import Bar”. That taxi driver probably hit the radio before he pulled away from the curb, "Just dropped off 2 sets of Mormon Missionaries at the Pier One Import Bar." We came back later in the day half way expecting to have our recommends revoked for visiting this local establishment, but so far no one expects a thing, so we are keeping hush, hush about it.

Later Monday night, also, we went to the WaterFront Hotel for their Buffet dinner, which was fantastic. We just sit back and visited with the Ashers and grazed the night away. As we were leaving, all of us needed to visit the “CR”, Comfort Room – we call them rest rooms to be polite at home, neither name really fits for the actuality of what they are, the Toilet. The English have that right though. Anyway back to the story, as Mike and I were leaving the “Men’s CR” this very nicely dressed lady walked in. Mike very politely told her, “you are in the wrong CR Madam” to which she replied, in a deep baritone voice “no I’m not”. Well so much for our full Monday P-Day. That’s enough for this week’s adventures. You can tell we don’t really get out much.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRISTINA – LOVE YOU – MOM AND DAD thought we would be early with the wishes.


  1. Thanks MOM and DAD!! I LOVE YOU TOO!!! Wow you guys are having some WILD adventures huh?? Love you bunches!!!

  2. You got to meet a HE-SHE, they are the ones we told you about :)