Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The back door to the temple, Pres Mortimor on immediate left, the little man in the back is Pres Cuyong, 1st counselor, Guy in the white shirt with name tag is Pres Byrum 2nd Counselor, Elder & Sis Ganier in casual attire and the tall guy and red haired lady in front of Pres Mortimor are Elder & Sis Ward both Temple Missionaries as well. Setteling pond

Pres Mortimor as part of the Sewer Tour

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  1. Wallace,

    Hope all is well. Great pictures and it looks like you are getting lots of work done. I contacted Wilma yesterday with an email sharing my desire for something else within CWI or CH2MHILL. Applied for a few other positions and training is going well! Miss you and keep up the good work.