Tuesday, May 18, 2010

5/18 Tuesday – Well we arrived on Sunday Night, totally exhausted. 2 hours to San Fran , 2 hour layover, then 14 hours to Hong Kong and a 10 hour layover. A 2 hour flight from Hong Kong to Cebu leaving Fright night at 9:49 PM and arrived at 7:15 PM Sunday. The Pres couldn’t wait to show us the temple so we all willingly went on a tour. It was a wonder to behold. He was right it is absolutely beautiful, breath taking I believe Pres used and he was right. Words just can’t explain the beauty. It is much larger than I had thought. It is not a small temple but it is a georgous one. We finally got to bed about 11:00 PM.
The construction work is still going on at a break neck speed. There are landscapers here 24 hours a day. Our housing is great. A large LR/DR with an acceptable kitchen (a one person type) a large bedroom with adequate closet space and a fairly nice bathroom. It even has hot and cold running water (we can’t drink the water yet but it is hot and cold). Pres. Byrum the 2nd Counselor said they just got hot water the day before we arrived, they had been showering in cold water for the last two weeks. Pres Cuyon and his wife are also living here in Patron Housing also. There are lounge areas at both ends of each floor. The first floor houses the Mission Offices, Temple Ready Family History Center and a large lounge area in the middle and a dining facility, if large groups come and want to fix their own meals and clean up. There are a few areas needing paint and some last minute items in the Temple Workers Apartments and Patron Housing but even that is going on from Sun rise to sun set.
Today was VVIP day. It started off kind of slow but the pace picked up in the afternoon. Yesterday was Media day and I understand there have been some very complimentary articles in the Cebu Times newspaper about the Temple. Last Saturday was Contractors day when the contractors and their employees could bring their families and tour the building they have been so diligently working on for the last two years.

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